Bridge Restoration Job


Bridge Restoration and Repair: The 10th Avenue Bridge is a well-known landmark in Minneapolis MN., running alongside the East side of the 35W bridge and connecting the University of Minnesota East & West banks of the Mississippi River, close to the Minnesota Vikings Stadium. As part the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s efforts to preserve Minnesota’s infrastructure, this landmark was treated to a much needed facelift beginning in the fall of 2019 with completion in the summer of 2020. Restoration job done by contractors in Minnesota with TCC Materials

Did you know? Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete where the concrete is projected or “shot” aka high velocity to mostly vertical or overhead surfaces. The impact created by the high velocity application consolidates the concrete making it stick in place to cure and perform as specified. It is used in certain situation to offer the owner of the project lower costs and convenience when the cost of formwork is to costly, impractical, to difficult access to the work area, or thinner layers of concrete are needed.

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