Concrete Repair Tech is a full service concrete repair material resource for commercial concrete repair and restoration companies nationwide as well as suppliers.  Primarily focusing on the northeast and eastern seaboard we provide the right mix for the job.  Everything from large scale bridge and subway repair projects to repairing deteriorating roads and sidewalks. Equipped with three laboratories for quick solutions for your engineered big city projects to small towns and everything in between.  Our Manufacturer has labs that are accredited by the ASTM, and certified with AASHTO and AMRL. They are CCRL Compliant as well.   We specialize in high performance, rapid setting, fiber rich concrete repair mortars, cements, and grouts as well as additives and chemicals.

Concrete is the most widely used construction material that exists – used in almost every construction project nationwide; skyscrapers, college buildings, schools, residential and commercial buildings, sidewalks, roads, bridges, tarmacs, seawalls, parking garages. That is why repairing and restoring concrete is extremely important to our society. Helping to restore and repair concrete structures will make our cities and towns safer and more productive.

With the recent passing of the largest infrastructure bill in American history, the $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure bill. We are positioned with all of the infrastructure products to repair concrete structures, bridges, and roads.  The resources to build back our country is now a reality.  Over the last 10 years the concrete Industry has seen tremendous growth and has shown no signs of slowing down,  with billions being spent on infrastructure nationally each year.  If you are a contractor or supplier in the related concrete building, restoration and repair business, Concrete Repair Tech may be the answer that you’ve been looking for:

Cements – We our one the largest distributors of Hydraulic Instant Cement, used for setting in water as a water stop, or setting in salt water. In addition, Masonry cements, as well as Portland, Grey and White.

Mortars – We have a very diverse line of rapid setting, fiber rich, polymetric repair Mortars for;  Overlay repair, Overhead, vertical, and horizontal repair. These mortars are used in a wide range of areas, passing ASTM testing that will live up to the Specs of any major city or town.

More Mortars – Underground Utility Mortar, Masonry Veneer Mortar, Stone Veneer Mortar, Stucco, Refractory Mortar, Mortar Pro Type N and S.

Grouts – We have Corefill masonry grouts, nonshrink grouts, Tile grouts, Geothermal grouts.

NonShrink Grouts: High Strength Precision Grouts, Non – Shrink Grouts, Self Consolidating Grouts

Geothermal Grouts – Thermaseal thermally-conductive cementitious grout engineered for application of vertical and horizontal ground source heat pumps and geothermal well fields. Non-toxic and non-shrink with a high solids content and a low-permeability factor making it ideal for ground source heat loops and safe for contact with potable ground water.

Concrete Additives and sealers: Air entrainment, delays, set accelerator, salt barriers, Concrete sealers, masonry sealers, curing agents, water repellants, Concrete cleaners and dissolvers.

Waterproofing and crack repair:  waterproofing and crack isolation membrane , Crack fillers and epoxy’s , concrete bonder and fortifier, self leveling sealers.

Contact us today we are waiting to help you with your next concrete repair project!