Cement and Powders

We have a consultative approach to working with new companies, ensuring the best repair mix designs and chemicals for your projects – large or small.

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We offer full training and support to make certain that your staff is fully educated in best practices and efficient installs that save you time and money.

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Our Products

Tenon™ Instant Hydraulic Cement is a quick Setting hydraulic cement compound used primarily as a water stop or hole filler.

It expands when set and locks into place to block flowing water in 3- 5 For use only on concrete and masonry materials.

Best for repairing leaks in cracks between blocks or on one surface, not for stopping water flow in corners.

Tenon™ Instant Anchoring Cement is a quick-setting anchoring cement compound used for setting poles, railings, bolts, and fixtures in concrete or masonry. Suitable for interior or exterior use.

Expands as it hardens to set securely and lock in place for strong support. Any metals that will corrode when exposed to wet cement, such as aluminum, must be protected.

Tenon™ Concrete & Masonry Dissolver is an environmentally friendly liquid alternative to aggressive acid concrete removers.

Concrete & Masonry Dissolver can be used to safely remove cured concrete, mortar, grout, and stucco build-up from tools, concrete forms, job mixers, hardware, shoring, and more.

This product deconstructs the bond between the Portland cement component, turning it into a soft paste-like mush that is easily removed from the surface

Tenon™ Restoration Cleaner is a mild, acidic product that dissolves and removes efflorescence (white mineral deposits) and rust stains from concrete surfaces, masonry units, pavers, brick, etc. This product is recommended to be used before applying a sealer to the surface of concrete or masonry, this enables the sealer to penetrate and seal more effectively. Masonry Restoration Cleaner may be used to prepare the surface of concrete or masonry prior to using Tenon™ repair products.

Tenon™ Salt Barrier WB is designed to protect & extend the life of concrete, masonry, pavers, retaining walls and other cementitious surfaces by protecting from the damaging effects of salt and de-icing chemicals without affecting the finished look. Salt Barrier WB provides a natural finish that maintains the original appearance of driveways, patios, garage floors, block walls, and other concrete or masonry surface.

This clear, water-based formula penetrates and reacts chemically within the capillaries of the surface to protect against deicing salts, moisture penetration, spalling, freeze-thaw damage, efflorescence, and chemical erosion. Salt Barrier WB also protects surfaces from most chemicals, dirt, acids, alkali, and airborne pollutants while making these surfaces easier to clean. Salt Barrier WB is used for above-grade exterior applications that are not subject to hydrostatic pressure.

Tenon™ Fast-Set Liquid Activator is formulated specifically to be used in conjunction with Tenon™ Air-Entrained Concrete Patching Mix AE in order to establish a quicker set and develop strength rapidly. When used with the patching mix, Fast-Set Liquid Activator reduces the closure time of high-traffic areas from 24 hours to 4-5 hours under normal conditions. Tenon™ Fast-Set Liquid Activator may also be used with Tenon™ Construction Grout in cold weather conditions to ensure strength gain even in temps as low as 35 degrees

Tenon™ Air Entrainment is a ready to use aqueous solution of special organic materials that is used to entrain a small and stable amount of air into the desired mix. These small, stable air voids enhance the mixture and improve workability. Its chemical composition and physical properties make it ideal for many construction applications. It is intended for use when increased workability and freeze-thaw durability of concrete or mortar is preferred

Tenon™ Set Accelerator is an ASTM C494, Type C, non chloride, non-corrosive, liquid that improves workability and initial strength while it reduces the hydration time of cement. The product is recommended for use during cooler weather to accelerate set time and reduce the risk of frozen mortar and concrete mixes.

It is also recommended for use when early strength gain is desired to speed up construction. Tenon™ Set Accelerator provides a reduced curing time, faster set time, and increased early strength. The product speeds finishing operations in any weather condition without any corrosive effects. This product affects only the Portland cement portion of the mix and is not antifreeze for the water portion

Tenon™ Mighty Bond™ is a high solids acrylic liquid bonding agent used as an admixture to substantially improve adhesion, impact, shear bond, tensile, flexural, and compressive strength of non-modified cement based mortars, repair products, tile setting mortars, and grout products.

When used as directed, Tenon™ Mighty Bond™ also improves workability, extends open time/pot life, freeze/thaw and salt resistance, reduces the potential for efflorescence, and has excellent UV resistance. Concentrated with a high-solids content, in many applications, it can be diluted with clean water at the job site for extra convenience and savings.

TN Mighty Bond can also be used as a paint-on bonding agent to improve the adhesion of the new repair material to the existing surface.

Tenon™ Rapid Patch® Vertical Repair is a polymer modified, high-strength, fast-setting, non-shrink, patching material for commercial and industrial vertical and overhead holes in concrete or masonry. Can be shaved or molded to required shapes.

Blendpro is a fast-setting, one component, polymer-modified, calcium aluminate cement-based concrete and masonry patching compound designed for vertical and overhead repair applications.

Tenon™ Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher is a superior cementitious waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry. It provides a protective and waterproof surface while eliminating the rubbing process. Spray or brush applied, available in light gray or white.

For added performance, durability, and improved bonding, Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher is designed to be mixed with Tenon™ Mighty Bond. Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher when mixed with Mighty Bond is approved by MNDOT under Special Surface Finish System.

Tenon™ Surface Bonding Cement is a versatile fiberre inforced, Portland cement-based product used to build and restore retaining walls or block walls, patch large vertical holes where non-sagging cement is a must, repair deteriorated stucco, and in the construction of concrete block walls that are dry stacked (without mortar) above the first course.

Special fibers control shrinkage, cracking, and sagging on vertical applications and provides additional overall strength when compared with conventional concrete.

Tenon™ Concrete Resurfacer is a fast-setting, high-strength, polymer-modified, cement-based product used for resurfacing old concrete to make it look new again.

Tenon™ Vinyl Concrete Patch is a polymer-modified, Portland cement-based patching compound used to repair minor surface imperfections in concrete. Suitable for interior and exterior applications from feather edge to 2 in. (51 mm) thick per lift. Supports foot traffic in 8-12 hours, wheeled traffic in 48 hours.

Tenon™ Construction Grout is a non-shrink, non-metallic, Portland cement based mixture of hydraulic cement, aggregate, and additives. Tenon™ Construction Grout can also be used in cold weather when used with Tenon™ Fast-Set Liquid Activator.

Tenon™ High Strength Precision Grout is a specially formulated, ready to use, high strength, flowable precision grout.

Tenon™ Thermaseal® Geothermal Grout is a thermally conductive cementitious grout engineered for application of vertical ground source heat pumps and geothermal well fields. Non-toxic, with a high solids content and a low-permeability factor making it ideal for ground source heat loops and safe for contact with potable ground water. Thermaseal® is a blend of thermally-conductive sand with Portland cement. Thermaseal® also offers low-absorption with a rigid seal to prevent integration of aquifers and is made in three versions, a MN Mix and two HF Mix (high-flow) mixes.

A fast setting, non-shrink, single component, cementitious mortar grout for precast repairs and erections

  • A non-shrink, high compressive strength, non-metallic grout used for placing prefabricated concrete pavements
  • High fluid
  • Excellent bond
  • Cement based
  • Non-corrosive
  • Resists freeze/thaw damage
  • Commercial Use
  • A non-shrink, high compressive strength, non-metallic grout used for placing fabricated concrete pavements
  • High fluid
  • Excellent bond
  • Non-shrink
  • Cement based, non-corrosive
  • Resists freeze/thaw damage
  • Commercial use

Tenon™ Masonry Veneer Joint Grout is a blend of dry, cementitious materials, performance admixtures, and sand specifically designed to fill or tuck-point the joints between artificial stone, brick, masonry, and natural stone in veneer systems. Preblended with air-entrainment admixtures to resist freeze-thaw conditions, while increasing flow and durability.

Tenon™ Pro Veneer Technology (PVT) creates a high performance professional grout, formulated for clean installation and flow properties to eliminate clogging when using a grout bag. Available in Natural Gray, White, Tan, and Brown.

SPEC MIX® SPECSHOT 5000 MS and MSA are preblended, high early strength, cement-based products designed to be used for wet or dry process applications, such as, underground work, tunneling or any other project where high-performance shotcrete is to be installed on vertical, overhead or horizontal surfaces. They can be custom designed and packaged to meet specific properties and/or project requirements. These preblended shotcrete mixtures are specially formulated to produce a cohesive and fast-setting material with good shooting, adhesion and strength characteristics. SPECSHOT 5000 MSA is an air-entrained shotcrete mixture. SPECSHOT 5000 MS and MSA are produced under strict manufacturing standards and complete quality control measures are implemented with each batch. A digital printout displaying the proper proportions per batch may be kept as a permanent record. Each SPEC MIX® manufacturer certifies that SPEC MIX® shotcrete products are designed to meet the project specifications and applicable ASTM and ACI standards.

TechMix® D-LR1 Microfiber is a dry-process shotcrete containing a pre-blended Portland cement, air-entraining admixture, set time accelerator, synthetic fibers, selectively blended aggregates, and propriety performance enhancing components.

TechMix® D-LR2 Microfiber is specifically designed to provide low resistivity values complimenting preplaced cathodic protection systems

Tech-Mix® D-SF Microfiber is a dry process shotcrete containing a pre-blended Portland cement, silica fume, air-entraining admixture, set time accelerator, synthetic fibers, selectively blended aggregates, and propriety performance enhancing components. Tech-Mix® D-SF Microfiber is specifically designed to provide excellent application characteristics with balanced performance properties.

Portland cement-based stucco for scratch and/or brown coat

Tech-Mix Base Coat Stucco consists of a uniformly blended Portland cement-based dry mixture for use as the scratch and/or brown coat in a three-coat stucco application or the first coat in a two-coat application.

White Portland cement-based decorative finishing plaster

Tech-Mix® Finish Coat Stucco is a uniformly preblended white Portland cement-based mix designed as the finish coat for traditional two and three-coat stucco applications. Producesa decorative exterior or interior veneer finish over concrete or masonry walls